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Questions and Answers about Sponsoring a Pet

Everyday more than 4 million animals nationwide enter into shelters across the US. Nearly 2/3 of those animals are to euthanized due to overcrowding.  Noah's B'Ark North Rescue is dedicated to saving as many animals as we can.

What each Noah's B'Ark pet receives

Because every pet that is rescued by Noah's B'Ark receives all of the medical care they need in order to ready them for adoption our costs exceed the adoption fee that we charge.  The costs incurred for just one animal includes health exams, spaying or neutering, vaccinations, food, medications, identification and in some cases life saving medical treatment.

How much does it cost to sponsor?

Noah's B'Ark places absolutely no minimum or maximum on sponsors for a pet.  Also, remember that each gift to our Noah's B'Ark Sponsorship Program is TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

Can I pick the pet I would like to sponsor?

Yes.  Intake for seniors, special needs and medical cases are a regular occurence with Noah's B'Ark.  When making your sponsorship donation, all you have to do is include the pet's name.

What if I prefer to donate items rather than money?

Noah's B'Ark needs anything from food, leashes, frontline and cleaning supplies. Donations can be dropped off at PetSmart in Rohnert Park on Saturday or Sunday. Noon-4PM.

Can I sponsor more than pet?

Absolutely. we do not put a limit on how many pets you are allowed to sponsor. The more the merrier!

Can Noah's B'Ark choose a pet for me to sponsor?

Most definitely.  Noah's B'Ark foster parents and organization leaders are the most familiar with each pet's needs and costs.  In the event that you are not interested in sponsoring a specific pet we can apply your sponsor donation to the pet most in need at that time.