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Hank (..wags his Tail on Video!)
Hank (..wags his Tail on Video!)

Hello, Just a friendly Hello & Thank you from our "Spoiled-Hank". He is doing "GREAT" after only one obedience session leash aggression is GONE. He is doing much better on his Re-call. Loves the dog park things are good in Hank's new world. We couldn't be happier he is a wonderful dog. Hank's day starts at 5:30AM (I get up) he waits for me to go down stairs with him (he sleeps with us - under the covers of course) I let him out, feed him he watches me make my lunch and get the paper and waits for me to go back up stairs to get ready for work he dashes up the stairs jumps on the bed I lift the covers and he gets back in bed with Tom. At approx. 9:00AM Tom gets up Hank waits patiently for him to get out of the shower. He is the happiest dog ever, always excited and ready to please he really listens to us. Tom and Hank read the paper have breakfast and go for their morning walk. The remainder of Hank's day consist of playing in the yard or house, napping in the sun in the patio room or on his favorite chair in the house and training. I get home around 5:00PM, Hank is there to GREET me. He gets his dinner around 5:30PM. We eat our dinner after dinner and dishes are done. We all head to the Dog Park - Hank is in Heaven he just love it runs, and plays well with all of his new doggie friends. Some time between 8:00PM and 9:00PM he is done for the night waits for one of us to go up to bed and he is right behind us. Hank has a Wonderful Life.........................Thank you from all of us. I will keep you posted on Hank's World!

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