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Dodger (See My Video On YouTube)

Hi! Dodger has been such a great boy. He has acclimated well, loving our family completely. He now has a trainer working with him and walks with confidence. He likes to watch people and when men and women approach him he allows them to pet him without growling. He no longer hates men with hats, but is still getting used to cats. He now knows how to walk well on a leash, sit, lay down, and the stay command. He will do any trick for some treats!! He is so happy all the time and such a pleasure to be around. Thank you for saving such a loving soul we absolutely adore him! :) Sam


Dora's New Family!


Dear Noah's B'ark. As it is coming to the 1 year birthday of our puppy Dexter, I would like to thank you for the joy he has brought into our lives and what a gift it was to adopt that day in October. I am now a true believer that you have never truly lived until you have adopted a dog as part of your family. I cannot express to you the love, joy and laughter he has brought to our household, and what an amazing addition he is to our family. Attached are a few pictures to update you. We love him dearly, and have never known love like the love we have for this dog. Thank you so much! Warm Regards, Sarah, Anthony and Dexter


GINGER (mom dog) WOULD BE PROUD! Just wanted to email a few of the many pictures we have taken of these little sweeties.  As we told Lacey, we changed Tipper's name to Duke, mostly 'cause we have a cat named Tibby.  We had changed Daphne's name to Duchess, but even though there was another sibling already named Daisy, we thought our girl looked a lot like a Daisy Mae.  So now they are Duke and Daisy, and they seem very happy in our home.  Maybe because they're together, they have no trouble sleeping through the night in their crate.  They only cry if they have to pee, then they go right back inside and sleep!  Of course, sleeping is one of their favorite pastimes, other than wrestling with each other.


DUCHESS has found her forever home. The third time WAS the charm. Her new family reports that she is doing great with no problems and say that Duchess is now "family." No way will she be leaving. They are committed to whatever it takes, vets, trainers, etc. to solve her problems and keep her safe and secure feeling! 12/16 Duchess is very happy in her new home. She goes on daily walks and trail runs, plays ball and sleeps. She is getting less scared each day.

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