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Adopted at PETSMART Sunday March 3rd Rohnert Park Cocoa, though initially very skittish, has fit in very well at our household. She and her big sister Missy (A lab bred Beagle) have helped each other immensely. Cocoa has got Missy to play again, despite her advancing age, and Missy has taught Cocoa how to be less afraid and much more mellow. Glad we got Cocoa, despite the fact I only walked in the store to buy fish food! Thank You! Rick and Kathy Sealock


Look at me loving life in my new forever home!!! I have a mom who just adores me and a new boyfriend to spend time with.....


I met Ginger a week ago today when she was rigid with fear and losing control of her bladder and bowels whenever anyone tried to transition her from one situation to another....ie, handing her to another person, putting her in a crate, etc. She got me twice, staff at Paradise Resort numerous times, Noah's Bark volunteer at least once, and her former foster parent told me she had bitten her daughter when she tried to put her in the crate a few weeks ago. I brought her home the next day, 6 days ago, and these are pictures of her now. She is a most amazingly resilient girl!! She's bonded with most of the whole ....two adults and another dog. She and the cat are still trying to figure out their relationship. I've no doubt they will. Thank you for all you do....you've changed our lives. Mary


Thank you very much for all your help/quick responses. Tuck, now know as Bosley :) seems to be very happy in his new home. He has adjusted well and is getting groomed tomorrow. He is not as crazy as he seems. My parents are very happy and Bosley is just like our other beardy that we had. Thanks again. Ariana


We so love our little Olive! She has been such a wonderful addition to our family. She has had some adventures to the Twin Hill Apple Farm, Marissa my oldest daughter has taken her to High School, my youngest Carleigh is teaching her new tricks, they take turns sleeping with her at night. Thank you again.

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